Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Surgery Complete!

Hi everyone,
Anubis's first dental surgery is over and he is awake and doing well. His vet, Dr. Ryle,  removed 9 teeth, mostly molars. He still has his fangs and she says we will try to save them with some direct dental care and anti-plaque additives to his water.  He will be spending most of the next two weeks on anti-biotics and a morphine pain medication, so he will be staying inside for awhile. The stitches in his mouth will dissolve, so his next visit to the vet will be in two weeks for a check -up.
His bill today was $908 and there is actually $770 in the donation fund ( the widget has not updated the donation amounts yet)... THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the kind donations toward his care.

Please send energy of any healing form to this "trooper" of a cat. And remember to come to the benefit on Saturday, the 7th of May from 1pm -6pm at The Sacred Grove in Santa Cruz if you can.

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