Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anubis' request

My greathearted black hunter-kitty, Anubis, has to have all but his canines removed before his decaying teeth cause his death. This must happen in the next 30 days. He was tested for FIV today and does not have it. He is currently on cortisone for the inflammation, pain meds and antibiotics. His vet bill on Tuesday was $290 and the estimate to remove his teeth, thereby vastly improving his quality of life is a little over $1,000. He had a wonderful and caring vet at the VCA on Mission and his magnificent Auntie Pearl took him, comforted him and has taken him home to rest. Auntie Pearl said he hardly even cried when they took blood…what a trooper he is!
Even his vet was impressed!

He is home now, being kept inside and on his medications. He is clearly doing much better. The surgery to remove his teeth will most likely begin in two weeks.

If anyone can afford to donate $ toward Anubis’ treatment, we would be ever so grateful. To donate via paypal, please click on the donation widget to your right.

To all the wonderful and kind folks who already donated, thank you SOOOOOO MUCH! You will all be getting personal email THANK YOU’S from me and Anubis soon. You can also take a peak at the widget on my blog to see how it has risen.

If any of you can send him kitty healing on this journey toward his health, it will ever so appreciated.
With love,

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